Top 8 car detailing myths you should stop believing now

The importance of car detailing to maintain the good health of your life cannot be stressed enough. If you own a car, you need to get it detailed at least once six months, as simple as that. However, there are certain myths that are revolving around car detailing for a while now. Our auto detailing Vaughan team debunks those myths in this blog.

8 common car detailing myths

Check out the common and the major car detailing myths you need to get clear with below.

1) The shiny car doesn’t require detailing: Most car owners get delighted when they see their car shining and reflecting the sunlight like a mirror. Well, nothing wrong with getting delighted, but thinking that your car is in perfect working condition might be your mistake.

The best way to ensure that your shiny car is in perfect working condition is to touch it after the wash. If you feel that the surface is smooth, bingo, your car is clean, and if your fingers feel a bit rough, it requires detailing.

Thus, if you are getting delighted by seeing your car shining, just clean it once. If you feel smooth, stay delighted and continue with the routine, if not, still stay delighted, but take your car for detailing now.

2) Dish detergents are enough to keep the car clean: Dish detergents aren’t designed to keep your car clean, period. You cannot expect them to do the job that a professional car detailer would do.

If anything, dish detergents only make things worse for your car. Detergents can take away the glossiness from the paint of your car and thus degrading the car’s looks. Thus, avoid letting the dish detergents do the job of professional car detailers.

3) Car wash is the same as car detailing: There is cleaning, and then there is deep cleaning. The difference between the car wash and car detailing is exactly the same.

Car washing incorporates just a normal wash and cleaning your car, mostly the exterior portion of the car. On the other hand, car detailing involves deep cleaning for both, exterior and interior portion of the car.

If you go for car washing, you can never expect the results to be the same as car detailing.

4) Waxing is the same as polishing: Comparing waxing and polishing is like comparing lemons and oranges. Waxing implies providing your car with a protective layer, while polishing implies removing the minor scratches from your car.

What does your car require? Both. If you desire to make your car for a longer timeframe, it requires both, waxing and polishing.

5) The car can be cleaned anytime & anywhere: Agreed, you can’t wait for your car to get dirty before you clean it, but at the same time, you can’t overclean it.

Over washing your car will create a wet spot on your car that might impact your car’s paint. Specifically, if you wash your car in the direct sunlight, the water spots are likely to acquire your car.

Thus, ensure that you don’t over wash your car. Also, choose a cool and dry place to wash your car. It will avoid the formation of wet spots on your car.

6) Air fresheners are enough to remove the bad odours from the car: Yes, on a temporary basis, air fresheners remove the bad odours, but air fresheners aren’t the permanent answers.

To ensure that the bad odours never trouble your drive, you need to go with car detailing at fixed intervals. If you don’t, no matter how much air fresheners you use, they won’t be able to keep the bad odours away.

7) Automatic car washing is better than hand car washing: Technology is a major help, but not for car detailing. You might want to go with automatic car detailing with the view of saving time & money.

However, hand car washing still remains the most reliable form of car detailing in terms of delivering the desired results. Automatic car washing might save your time, but that won’t matter if your car doesn’t get what it needs to.

Thus, if you are a fan of the automatic car wash, it’s time to rethink and choose what’s the best for your car.

8) All that matters is a piece of cloth: How about using the old t-shirt or bath towel to clean your car? Well, our car detailing Vaughan team considers it a bad idea.

Using hard clothes like an old t-shirt can cause scratches on your car’s paint, and eventually, take away the glossy look from the car. Thus, you cannot use anything like an old t-shirt or a towel to clean your car.

Instead, consider investing in soft towels and cloth that is specifically created for car cleaning. It won’t cause scratches on your car and thus the looks of your car will stay preserved.

These are the top car detailing myths that have been revolving in the market, and they need to be cleared by any cost. If you too believe any of the above myths, it’s time to get rid of it.

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