How to protect your car paint from the sun?

It’s not a hidden fact that UV radiation damages human skin. However, you need to know that this radiation is equally harmful to your car paint. People protect their skin from these radiations in various ways, and that’s a wonderful thing. But, as much as a mighty investment the car is, people deserve to know the ways of saving their car’s paint from this radiation.

This blog by our auto detailing Vaughan team explains certain reliable ways of protecting your car’s paint from the sun rays. Hence, if you are a car owner and if you really desire to keep your car look glossy for a prolonged time period, this blog is for you.

Top ways of protecting the car paint from UV radiations of the sun

Checkout the best ways of protecting the car paint from UV radiations of the sun below.

1) Try to park your car in the shade: Yes, we understand that parking your car always in the shade isn’t possible, but at least you can try to park your car in the shade whenever and wherever you can.

The more you park your car in the shade, the more direct sunlight will stay away from your car, the lifespan of your car’s paint will increase considerably.

You can also consider getting a high-quality car cover that you can use to cover your car when shady parking isn’t available. The ultimate goal here is to keep the direct sunlight away from your car.

2) Be consistent with car washing: Regular car washing is a thing that might not sound like a very exciting thing to do, but it is a necessity for your car.

Exposure of your car to direct sunlight, bird droppings, dust particles from the environment, etc. combines and causes the paint of your car to fade away. How do you prevent this from happening? By regularly washing your car.

Additionally, the way you wash your car matters too. Avoid using hard clothes and extremely cool water to wash your car. Go with slightly warm water and a microfiber towel to ensure that your car wash is up to the mark.

Though it might not sound so, a car wash is one of the most important things for your car and you cannot go wrong with it by any means.

3) Car waxing is a great help: Waxing is another reliable way to help your car get rid of ultraviolet rays.

The thin layer of wax protects your car finish from the ultraviolet rays, which is definitely a major benefit of going with it. Additionally, car waxing also protects your car from scratches and debris.

Hence, if your car hasn’t got the waxing for a while, and if you feel that the harmful UV radiations are causing the car paint to fade away, our auto detailing Vaughan team recommends that you try out this way now.

4) Go with ceramic coating: What ceramic coating does is deflect the harmful UV radiations and hence subside the damage that comes alongside them.

Ceramic coating can shield your car’s paint for up to five years. However, the way it is coated plays a major role in terms of timeframe.

Hence, the next reliable way to protect your car paint from the sun; go with ceramic coating for your car.

We hope that now you will be able to protect your car’s paint for a prolonged time period. Yes, UV radiations can really cause your car paint to fade but keeping the above tips in your mind and following them will definitely make it easy for you to preserve the same.

If you feel that your car paint has started fading, and if it requires professional attention, you can count on the reliable car wash Vaughan team of Drive Clean to do the job perfectly right for you. Our team ensures that the glossy look of your car gets restored efficiently and in no time. To connect with us, call our team at 416-738-8841.