How to get rid of bad odour in your car?

Our car is a very important part of our lives. From driving us to our office every day to enjoying some lovely family moments, our car is always by our side. But, ever experienced that irritating pungent odour? An odour that makes it difficult for us to spend even a few minutes in our car. Well, our auto detailing Vaughan team understands this situation well.

So, how do you get rid of this irritating odour in your car? Is it too expensive? Well, this blog subtly answers this question.

Top ways to get rid of bad odours in your car

Check out the top ways to get rid of bad odours in your car below.

1) Go for vacuuming: Vacuuming your car’s interior implies deep cleaning of the same. Deep cleaning of your car won’t only make your car’s interior look clean, but also ensure that bad odours don’t irritate you at all.

Make vacuuming your car’s interior once a week a habit. This habit will ensure that those bad odours don’t give allergy issues or breathing problems at all.

2) Use natural air freshener: This is the most reliable tactic to get rid of the bad odour in your car. You can use natural air freshener to keep the bad odour away from your car.

You can use coffee beans, sandalwood, orange rose, or a combination of essential oil and baking soda to make your car smell nice.

3) Use charcoal: Nothing better than activated charcoals when it comes to absorbing bad odour from your car.

Just leave some charcoal in your car for some days and see the change. This method works the best when you are dealing with the odours released from food or sweat or the odours due to your pet.

Thus, if a bad odour is troubling you for a while, our car detailing professionals in Vaughan highly recommend you going with charcoal.

4) Use baking soda: If you spilled something on your car’s carpet, and if the odour isn’t leaving, sprinkle baking soda on it to get rid of it.

Whenever you rub baking soda on your car’s carpet, leave it as it is at least for a couple of hours. Give it some time to clean up the carpet and thus make it odour-free. After a couple of hours, clean the carpet with a vacuum and see the results.

5) Use white vinegar: You might be using white vinegar to remove odour from your home. While it works the best at your home, it works perfectly fine in your car too.

To use this solution, just mix some white vinegar with water. Ensure that water is in large quantity in this mixture. Once the solution is prepared, spray it on the seats. After you are done, leave it as it is and allow the solution to dry.

Check the seats after the solution gets dried up. That irritating odour must not be present now.

6) Car detailing: Car detailing is another reliable solution to get rid of bad odours in your car. The specialized tools and products used to clean up your car from top to bottom ensure that your car is free from every dust particle and thus free from bad odour.

This solution is a bit expensive, but if the odour doesn’t go away even after trying various things, car detailing might be your solution.

7) Ozone treatment: Several times, bacteria too are responsible for irritating odour from your car. Ozone treatment kills the bacteria and other organic compounds that are responsible for releasing this odour in your car.

Under this treatment, ozone gas is pumped into your car from an ozone gas generator. It’s necessary that you call a professional to give your car an ozone treatment.

Bad odours in cars are obviously unpleasant. But, as mentioned, there’s always a way to get rid of it. The above ways will definitely help you to get rid of these odours.

Rest, if you looking to get your car free from bad odour by using the car detailing method, and looking for a reliable car detailing service provider, do reach out to Drive Clean’s car detailing team in Vaughan at 416-738-8841. Our experienced team will meticulously work to make your car look new and get it free from any sort of bad odours.