Everything you need to know about car paint stains

Car paint stains are absolutely disappointing. After all, a car is a major investment, and seeing anything like paint stains is frustrating. However, there are numerous reliable ways to remove car paint stains.

If car paint stains have troubled you and your car, and if you are looking for reliable ways to get rid of them, reading this blog would help you out. Our auto detailing Vaughan team explains certain ways to get rid of these stains effectively.

What are the types of car paint stains?

Firstly, you need to know the major types of car paint stains. It would ensure that you get rid of these stains efficiently. Checkout the types of different car paint stains below.

1) Paint oxidation: The car’s paint goes through oxidation over time. This oxidation brings rust to the car.

Paint oxidation is the most common car paint stains form, which eventually fades away the looks of your car. The exposure of your car’s paint to the external elements is one primary reason for paint oxidation.

Paint oxidation changes the colour of your car. It’s essential to treat the paint oxidation promptly to ensure that it doesn’t trouble your car a lot.

2) Swirl paint marks: These marks usually come into the picture when inefficient cleaning tactics are followed.

The extent of this damage depends on several factors. If the tactics like car waxing, ceramic coating, etc. are used or not is one of them.

Swirl paint marks might seem less serious, but if not attended immediately, they can go serious in no time.

3) Bird droppings: The acidic nature of the bird dropping is the primary reason why you need to take them seriously. The longer the bird dropping settle on your car, the more serious the effect will be.

Hence, bird dropping is another serious type of car paint stain, and if you see it on your car, be quick to take the action.

4) Road salt: You might be knowing that the salt is placed on the road in winters to melt snow easily. However, this salt isn’t good for your car’s paint and might bring corrosion to it.

5) Water stain: Your car paint retaining the water droplets of the rain or car wash is a major reason for inviting car paint stains due to water.

However, removing the water stain isn’t too difficult to remove. You can use a microfiber towel to remove the water stain.

How do you remove car paint stains?

Now, when you know five major car paint stains, let’s know how you remove the car paint stains.

1) Use white vinegar: Using white vinegar is one of the most reliable ways to remove car paint stains. You just need to mix equal quantities of water and vinegar and apply the same to the car surface.

The acidic nature of the vinegar would neutralize the mineral deposits. However, you might have to repeat the entire process if the stains on your car are stubborn and difficult to remove.

2) Use clay bar: Clay bar is another reliable way to remove the toxic materials from your car’s paint and hence restore the looks of your car. To use the clay bar tactic, you will require automotive-grade clay and lubricant spray.

Firstly, you will be required to wash your car and slide the clay bar all over the car surface. It will help your car get rid of stains, and make it again look glossy.

3) Car washing & drying: Yes, car washing & drying is a simple solution, specifically, if the fingerprints are troubling your car. The way you dry your car after washing it matters too. Use a microfibre towel cloth to dry your car. Most importantly, be gentle.

How do you avoid car paint stains?

Our car detailing Vaughan experts explain some of the best ways to avoid car stain paints. Read them out below.

1) Use a car cover: It is one of the simplest and the most reliable ways to keep car paint stains away. The car cover will protect your car from harmful elements and ensure the paint doesn’t go through the stains at all.

It won’t also allow the dust particles to settle on your car, which would ensure that your car always looks clean.

2) Be careful with car drying: As mentioned, car drying might seem to be a simple thing, but it’s much more complicated and important. Try to use things like a microfibre cloth to dry your car. Avoid using edgy objects to dry your car.

3) Car waxing: Car waxing is another reliable tactic to ensure that the stains stay away from your car’s paint. Ideally, the car waxing would shield your car’s paint for six to eight months. Our auto detailing Vaughan team recommends that you go with car waxing every six months.

4) Be right with car parking: We highly advise you to park in the car parking garage or the basements. It would keep the harmful debris and dust from your car’s paint and hence shield it.

Yes, car paint stains are frustrating, but there’s always a way to ensure that these stains stay away. The above insights will definitely help you to keep these stains away, and unfortunately, if they do arrive, you will be able to get rid of them quickly.

If your car requires professional wash or detailing, you can count on the experienced car wash Vaughan team of Drive Clean. Our team ensures that your car gets the best and the most efficient services. We leave no stone unturned to restore the glossy look of your car and in no time. To reach out to our team, call us at 416-738-8841.