Top 8 car detailing myths you should stop believing now

The importance of car detailing to maintain the good health of your life cannot be stressed enough. If you own a car, you need to get it detailed at least once six months, as simple as that. However, there are certain myths that are revolving around car detailing for a while now. Our auto detailing … Read more

Top 5 benefits of ceramic coating

“Wow, I am flattered with the looks of my new car! But, how do I protect these looks for a long time?”. A question that pops up in almost every new car owner’s mind. Ceramic coating is one solution that you can count on to preserve the charm of your car. However, certain car owners … Read more

5 tips for an eco-friendly car wash

Being environmentally friendly wherever and whenever you can would only do good for you and the world. Let’s discuss being eco-friendly while washing your car. Most people unknowingly waste a lot of water while washing their car, which is already a very precious resource. Of course, not knowing the exact quantity of water they require … Read more