Car Detailing

Customized Car Detailing For Any Vehicle

We offer custom packages that are tailored to your concerns and needs for your car. We provide standard or premium option packages depending on which add-ons you would be interested in. From odor and pet hair removal to deep cleaning fabric seats, our professionals will take care of your investment and give it showroom results. 

Our Various Detailing Services

All of our services use the best products in the market that are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. We also invest in state-of-the-art technology and tools to get all of our tasks done efficiently and seamlessly. Check out a list of our services but are not limited to:

1. Deep clean for vehicles used for work
2. Interior & exterior cleaning
3. Fabric & leather seat cleaning
4. Interior steam cleaning
5. Tire cleaning
6. Engine detailing
7. Exotic & super car detailing

We specialize in car detailing for rare super cars and collectables. We are the top-rated exotic car detailers in the GTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you remove stains on seats?

Absolutely, we use expert techniques and high-end solutions to get rid of any unwanted stains that will make your car brand new again.

2. Do you clean trucks used for renovations?

Regardless of the scale of work, we clean any type of vehicle in any condition. We will give it a full makeover so that it won’t even look like it was used for work purposes. 

3. Do you clean hard to reach areas?

Every little inch is considered when we detail the car. Hard to reach areas and cup holders are all deep cleaned to perfection. Let us know which areas you want more focus on and we’ll help you out. 

4. How much time does it take for detailing?

Depending on the scale of the job it will vary. Upon the initial consultation we will let you know how long the job will take so you know how to plan out your schedule. 

Get In Touch

If you have more questions, get in touch with our detailing team and we’ll be happy to help!