Top car detailing mistakes you must avoid

Car Detailing Mistakes You Must AvoidCleaning the car sounds easy, and for some people, exciting too, but it is quite difficult, and demands certain things to be taken care of from your side.

Not keeping these things in your mind might make car detailing a mess for you, and even impact your car’s looks in the long run. Hence, you need to ensure that you simply don’t miss out on these things at all.

This blog further lists and explains some important things that you need to avoid when it comes to car detailing. Keep reading.

What are the common car detailing mistakes you need to avoid?

Readout some of the major car detailing mistakes that you must absolutely avoid to ensure that your car looks spotless for a longer timeframe below.

1) Using wrong cleaning agents: This is the most common and major mistake that a majority of car owners make. They get tempted by those so-called powerful cleaning agents, which are toxic to their car.

It might provide your car with those glossy looks for a while, but they are just for the short term. Using these agents will actually impact the overall health of your car in the long run.

We highly recommend that you use clay bars as they are the most reliable ways to remove that sticky dirt from your car. Also, you can use a foamy carpet cleaner to ensure efficient cleaning, and without any sort of side effects.

2) Not washing the car correctly: You might not know it, but the correct washing of your car does demand a specific approach too.

Avoid washing your car under direct sunlight, specifically, in summer. It would create those annoying spots on your car, which would be difficult to get rid of.

Always go from bottom to top. Wash the wheels first and move upwards when you wash your car. Following the right approach while washing your car would ensure that you are able to generate the results in a long term.

3) Going with an automatic car wash: Automatic car wash might sound time and effort-saving, but it is quite inefficient when it comes to the quality of car detailing.

An automatic car wash by no means can match the quality of a manual car wash. Of course, not everything can be done by machines.

Hence, try avoiding the automatic car wash at all, and always prefer going with the manual car wash.

4) Not using the microfiber towel: Microfiber towels are quite important when it comes to car detailing. They are soft, and they ensure that spots won’t be acquiring a permanent place on your car.

Rough towels usually don’t absorb the dirt with full efficiency, hence not allowing your car to get cleaned with full efficiency. Hence, always use microfiber towels to clean off the dirt from your car’s surface.

These are some of the major car detailing mistakes that you absolutely need to avoid. Yes, car detailing is a difficult thing, but keeping the above things in your mind and nailing them would make things easy for you considerably.

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