Aluminum Polishing & Restoration

Aluminum Polishing

If the aluminum/metal finishes on your vehicle appear dull then it’s time to bring it in to our shop to bring those details back to life! For more than a decade, Drive Clean Auto Bath has been providing aluminum polishing services to help customers that are in need of making their car look like it’s always in brand new condition. Whether its wheels, truck metals, brass fixtures, or performance metals, our professionals work tirelessly to ensure your car leaves our place in show-stopping condition. Having the appropriate aluminum polish for your wheels will make them appear as spotless as they did when the car left the factory. Give us a call to book your appointment. 

Aluminium Polishing Vaughan

Aluminum Polishing Benefits

Shinier wheels will make the car stand out:Β Aluminum polish will give the wheels that brand new look. Not only will the wheels look sparkling while you drive, but the polish is designed to bring out the colour of the wheel as well.

Gets rid of grime and dirt: The polish willΒ free your wheels from brake dust, grime, dust, oil and other unwanted factors on the road.

Polish will protect against tarnishing: OurΒ aluminum polish will protect your wheels against tarnishing and oxidation. We use only the best products and natural ingredients to get the job done.

Our Experts Handle it AlL

At Drive Clean Auto Bath, our experienced detailing team is trained to restore tarnished and oxidized aluminum and bring it back to what it once was. Sometimes your wheel may need way more than a polish, but worry not, you can trust our combination of knowledge and hands-on expertise to restore what once was your shiny wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the polish last?

The aluminum polish lasts depending on how often you drive the car and the driving conditions.

2. Can I get the metals on my truck polished?

Yes, we provide our aluminum polishing services for all forms of aluminum on any vehicle.

3. How long does vinyl wrap last?

Depending on the finish and how you maintain it, it can last for up to 3 – 5 years.

4. What can I do to properly maintain my vinyl wrap?

The best way to maintain vinyl wrap is to park your car in the garage if possible. If that’s not an option, then it’s best to invest in a quality car cover to provide the protection.Β 

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