5 tips for an eco-friendly car wash

Being environmentally friendly wherever and whenever you can would only do good for you and the world. Let’s discuss being eco-friendly while washing your car. Most people unknowingly waste a lot of water while washing their car, which is already a very precious resource. Of course, not knowing the exact quantity of water they require is one primary reason for it.

However, there are certain ways by which you can ensure that your car wash doesn’t harm our environment’s health by any means. Our car wash Vaughan team explains them further on.

How do you ensure an eco-friendly car wash?

Checkout some of the best ways to ensure an eco-friendly car wash below.

1) Use biodegradable shop: Using a biodegradable shop is the most reliable way to ensure that your car wash doesn’t harm the environment by any means.

The biodegradable shop is chemical-free, which is definitely a big plus when it comes to the car wash.

Usual washing soaps and other cleaning agents contain chemicals like potassium and sodium in abundance which are harmful when they mix with the soil. The absence of these elements in the biodegradable shop is definitely a big plus.

Hence, if you are washing your car, remember to use the biodegradable shop as a contribution to our environment.

2) Use spray gun: The major mistake that people make while washing their car is using more water than required. It implies water wastage.

Using a spray gun is a reliable way to avoid this mistake. You can do spot cleaning and only clean the part of the car that is dirty. Then, you can clean off this dirt with the washcloth.

With a spray gun, you also ensure that the water you use for your car wash is chemical-free. Hence, you not only save a considerable amount of water but also don’t expose our environment to the chemicals.

3) Go for a professional car wash: Who would know better than professionals about the exact amount of water required to wash a car?

When you go with professionals, you not only avoid water wastage but also give your car a quality bath, which is much required.

Additionally, any minor defect can be efficiently rectified with a professional car wash. Agreed, you might not want to go for a professional car wash every time, but going with it once in a while is a big favour to our environment too.

4) Try washing your car in the shade: Washing your car in the sunlight will require a lot of water as it evaporates easily and quickly.

While washing your car in the shade won’t allow the water to evaporate in no time, which would increase the settling time and hence wipe off the dust easily.

This is the reason why our car detailing Vaughan team highly recommends washing your car in the shade.

5) Try washing with a bucket instead of a hose: Most car owners prefer using the hose to wash their car. Of course, it makes the task easy, but it equally wastes more water.

Try replacing the hose with a bucket to wash your car. Yes, the time consumption would be more, you might have to work a bit harder, but it would save a considerable amount of water.

Using a bucket and sponge instead of a hose would help our environment, and if you are someone who genuinely desires to wash the car in an eco-friendly way, you must not have any problem practising it.

We hope that you now know that an eco-friendly car wash is definitely possible. Next time when you wash your car, do it by keeping the above tips in your mind.

Keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing them would be a big favour to our environment from you.

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