5 Dangers of automatic car wash

Automatic car wash has been gaining immense popularity for a while now. Yes, an automatic car wash might sound tempting as it is hassle-free and quick, but in the long run, it imparts a negative impact on your car.

Most car owners aren’t aware of the limitations that automatic car wash comes alongside it. If you are thinking of going with the automatic car wash, it’s necessary to know every in and out of the same. Our auto detailing Vaughan team explains these limitations in this blog.

What are the dangers of an automatic car wash?

Checkout some of the primary dangers that an automatic car wash comes alongside it below.

1) Use of harsh and toxic cleaning agents: Most companies providing the automatic car wash service use chemicals that are toxic and harsh. The only reason for the use of these harsh chemicals is that every company wants to generate maximum revenue and using toxic & cheap chemicals is one way to do so.

Sadly, in the lure of maximizing profits, they use chemicals that are harsh and toxic. You might notice the impact of these chemicals on an immediate basis, but when looked at thoroughly, scratches might be visible to you.

2) Inefficient cleaning: Automatic car wash implies non-contact testing, which leaves certain spots untouched, and hence the dust isn’t removed completely.

The ultimate purpose of the car wash is to remove all the dirt and make your car look spotless, but as the dirt isn’t entirely removed from your car with an automatic car wash, the purpose isn’t achieved.

Hence, if cleaning efficiency is really your priority, avoid going with an automatic car wash at all.

3) Imparts damage on your car’s paint: Automatic car wash is known to impart a negative impact on your car’s paint. It can cause the car’s paint to fade away, hence soaking away the charming look of your car.

As the car’s paint will be damaged, the overall value of your car will degrade, which is definitely an undesirable thing.

4) Inefficient drying technique: Most automatic car wash companies use heated air to dry off the water, which is not sufficient in most cases.

If the drying isn’t up to the mark after the car wash, it would leave stains which would demand extensive polishing at the later stage. It will bring a lot of expenses for you. Hence, an efficient drying technique is another concrete reason that you should avoid going with an automatic car wash at all.

5) The water used: In an automatic car wash, recycled water is used. Yes, it is environmentally friendly, but not so healthy for your car. The purification systems aren’t entirely effective, which implies some dirt will always be there.

Hence, the dirt is bound to mix with water. Hence, the water that is contaminated with the dust particles is applied to your car, which eventually results in your car getting scratched and dull.

Automatic car wash might seem tempting, but the reality stands on the other side. It imparts a negative impact on your car in long run. Our auto detailing Vaughan team highly recommends that you know every in and out about the automatic car wash treatment before you go with it.

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