5 common car washing mistakes you must avoid

Washing a car is the crucial part of the car maintenance routine. However, certain mistakes might make it worse for you and your car.

Numerous car owners aren’t aware of these mistakes, which make them create a mess with their car washing. Hence, you must know these mistakes to ensure that you don’t create a mess at all. This is the reason that our car wash Etobicoke team explains them in this blog.

What are the common car washing mistakes?

Checkout some of the most common car washing mistakes below.

1) Avoid using chemicals: If you think that your car can’t be washed without the use of chemicals, you are wrong. For an efficient car wash, all you require is a towel, soap, and warm water.

You never know how toxic a chemical can be. Using it to wash your car might impart a severe negative impact like fading of the car paint.

If you are still inclined towards using the chemicals, ensure that you use well-recognized and proven chemicals. Also, go through the composition details once before using them.

2) Follow the right washing pattern: Remember, car washing always goes from top to down and not vice versa. Never change this order, or else the entire car wash will go wrong, which might give you issues in the future.

Hence, following the right washing patterns is a must to ensure that you don’t mess up it at all.

3) Choose the correct time to wash your car: Washing your car in excessive sunlight is never recommended. Excessive sunlight can make you use a lot of water, and still make you do an inefficient car wash.

Our car wash Etobicoke experts recommend that you wash your car in the morning or late evening when direct sunlight won’t be able to impart any negative effect on your car washing.

However, the most reliable way to ensure an efficient car wash is to do it in a shady area like a garage or a carport.

4) Use the right tools: Another common mistake that numerous car owners make and regret later on.

You cannot expect your car wash to go smooth or generate the desired results if you are using low-quality tools. Yes, you might get tempted by the low price, but the repair cost will be much higher later on.

The tools include the micro-fibre towel, warm water, detailing brushes, and every other product that you are using to wash your car.

Hence, if you are really investing in car washing products, make sure that you do it right.

5) Don’t be in too much hurry: We understand, you might want to enjoy your weekend or get back to your routine as soon as possible after washing your car. But, please don’t compromise with your car wash to do so.

Completing a car wash in hurry might mean inefficient car washing, and hence nullifying the entire purpose of doing it.

If you are really investing some time to make your car shine, let it take your time, and ensure a fruitful investment.

As mentioned, a car wash is an integral part of car maintenance, and you by no means can compromise the quality of the car wash.

Keeping the above mistakes in mind and avoiding them would make a lot of things easy for you and ensure that your car wash doesn’t go wrong by any means.

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