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Car/Auto Detailing Vaughan – Hand Car Wash & Detailing Woodbridge –Β  Drive Clean Auto Bath is an expert in car wash and car detailing services in Etobicoke, Vaughan & Woodbridge. We are strongly established in the GTA since 2009. We provide ceramic coating, headlight restoration, vinyl wrap and paint correction services which means complete body care for your luxury cars under one roof. Protect your investment! Contact Drive Clean Auto Bath to schedule an auto detailing appointment. Settling for average when it comes to your car might be not acceptable for you at all, and rightly so. Your car is exposed to environmental pollution, bird dropping, harsh weather, UV radiation, snow/salt and numerous other derailing factors on the daily basis. Car detailing can help you to increase the life span of your car and boost the look-factor. Drive Clean Auto Detailing Vaughan team is here to offer the best auto detailing service in Vaughan & GTA.

Car/Auto Detailing Vaughan - Hand Car Wash & Detailing Woodbridge - Drive Clean Auto Bath

About Us

When it comes to car detailing, meticulous minds are necessary. Car detailing is an art, and our auto detailing pros keep even the tiniest detail in mind while doing a perfect job for your car. Drive Clean Car Detailing Vaughan team incorporates the members that are trained, experienced, and meticulous with their job. We believe in using natural ingredients for every service we provide. No toxic chemicals that are simply good to get short-term results are our friends. Auto Detailing Vaughan experts understand the importance of your car for you. This is the reason we believe in providing only the best. Auto Detailing Vaughan team come with many car detailing options that range from basic to premium packages. Each package is budget-friendly and gets you awesome results. Call us at (416) 738-8841 to get a car detailing estimate.

our Auto Detailing Services

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Protect your car paint from chipping with our vinyl wrap. You can also change your vehicle’s appearance with vinyl wrap

Headlight Restoration

Remove the yellowing & fading on your headlights. Restore your headlight with our on point headlight restoration in Etobicoke, Vaughan, Woodbridge & GTA.

Aluminum Polishing/Restoration

Make your wheels look brand new with our aluminium polishing/restoration services. We serve Etobicoke, Vaughan, Woodbridge & GTA.

Paint Correction Specialist

Whether your paint has swirls, water spots, or other imperfections, we can restore your paint. Contact us for paint correction services.

Ceramic Coatings

Keep your car new for years with IGL Ceramic Coating. Contact us for ceramic coating in Etobicoke, Vaughan & Woodbridge.


To keep your car interior and exterior up to date, Contact us for car detailing in Etobicoke, Vaughan & Woodbridge.


What are the reasons that make us your answer to our hand car wash and car detailing services? Some reasons that make us a perfect fix for your dilemmas of selecting the most reliable car detailing Vaughan service provider are as follows:

1. Flexibility: Our Vaughan car detailing services are available on all days of the week. We are open to provide you the services on the days of your convenience. You need not face problems in going to the office due to the unavailability of your car by any means.

2. Cost-Effective Services: We by no means believe in charging more than we provide. As said above, each package we have designed is such that it won’t affect your pre-calculated budget. Also, we are transparent with the pricing of every service we provide. Thus, your mind won’t demand any exercise of thoughts in analyzing the service prices.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We understand that you want your car to look the best if you are looking for car detailing services. Also, our car detailing Vaughan team doesn’t believe in settling the customer for average. This is the reason that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service we provide. Our task is successful only if you leave our premises with 100% satisfaction.

4. Accurate Time Estimation: Any delay in the completion of the car detailing service might bring a bunch of frustration and disappointment for you. But, our auto detailing Vaughan team calculates the timeframe carefully and informs you the same so that you can plan accordingly. Mostly, the timeframe we calculate is up to the mark.

5. Our After-Service: Once our Drive Clean Auto Detailing Vaughan team provides you services, your car is our responsibility. Any issue regarding the service we provide to you and we are just a phone call away. You can contact us at 416-738-8841 anytime to get your issues sorted. We believe in and provide consistency in our services to every customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In which area does your team provide the car detailing services?

Our Drive Clean Auto Detailing Vaughan team provides services in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and any area of GTA

What are the charges for your services?

The charges depend on your requirements. We have a designed package that are based on the services you require. Thus, you need to explain your requirements first to get the charges for the same.

How do I book my appointment?

Call us or use the Get in Touch button and fill out the form to book your appointment. Our Car Wash Vaughan team will connect with you and collect your requirements.

Have more questions?

Do connect with Drive Clean Car Detailing Vaughan & GTA team now.

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